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Let Your Freak Flag  Fly & Find Your Tribe Online  

I thought I was too unconventional for the world of business.

I used to poo-poo the business majors for lack of artistic self-expression over the years I earned my Arts Degree in English Literature with a minor in Japanese at the University of Georgia. 💩

All I wanted to do is write novels, craft jewelry, and travel the world teaching English As a Second Language (ESL)...

I started my first creative business.

And I discovered that there is nothing on the planet that requires more creativity, self-expression, and self-improvement than running your own business!

Every artist has to make a living & that means learning the art of marketing. I fell in love with marketing. 😍

I became a social media manager and I closed the handmade jewelry business in e-commerce that I'd run for 8 years. I wanted to be able to travel the world as a pet-sitting digital nomad - and work from anywhere! ✈️

But it took me a few more years to outgrow my ugly duckling impostor syndrome & not want to hide behind the snacks table at local networking events...🦢

Melbourne Marketing Mentor Groove Funnels

I discovered that you don't find your place in life - you create it. 

And there is nowhere this is more a #truthbomb than with an online business. 💣

You've got to create your niche, speak the language of your people, repel evangelical Christian nationalists, er, I'm mean the people that don't get you, & market the shiz out of your product or service in a way that dropkicks your competition off the stage. *Whew*

Marketing is a big-ass, long-haul game but I'll whisper in your ear the secret that makes my inner-geek girl go all anime-eyed about it...

Marketing is part passion + part science.

Match a meaningful message with a data-driven strategy and it will spawn magical results!

All The Ways I Teach Marketing

(i.e. all the ways I hope to start a global revolution of highly-paid, badass, self-reliant women, HUZZAH!) 

Marketing Inspector

You're a DIY'er looking for a kickass audit by an experienced marketer and you prefer to be woman-splained in what you need & don't need to do without any techno babble.

New Biz Start-Up Mentor

You're looking for easy step-by-step guidance in setting up your marketing in all the right ways so you can become self-employed ASAP (and out earn your old salary ASAP to boot!)

Social Media Strategy Mentor

You want your social media to send you oodles of traffic without sucking oodles of your time. You want in on a simple, tried-and-tested system you can easily outsource for when you're ready.

Social Media Manager Mentor

If making a living online, working from anywhere, and getting paid to be on social media makes your heart flutter, let me show you all you need to get started, to do the work, & to find good clients!

Sales Funnels Using Groove Funnels Mentor

I'll show you how to transform your website from a static brochure into an automated selling machine with Groove Funnels, the most kickass all-in-one marketing software available!

Mentor For An Hour

Got a killer strategy but not sure it'll work? Got big ideas but you don't know where to start? Or if marketing makes you feel like you've been taking crazy pills, let's hop on a 1-hour video call and I'll help you get clarity, focus, & better business vibes. 

Let's get in touch!

One-on-one mentoring is getting harder to find these days. Do you really want to be group coached or would you rather dive straight into YOUR business to learn how to get results?

I think we both know the answer to that! 




Actionable tips & tactics designed to help you get mentally & financially SELF-RELIANT AF! 💪