Social media: Would you like to make the most out of it?

It's time consuming. It's confusing. And it can be either the biggest waste of time and money or the best investment you can make in your business! Here's how you get social media to really work for you:


Never willy-nilly, the science of social media is about research, planning, measuring, testing, and knowing how to read the numbers to get the best bang for your buck! I can teach you how or I can do it for you.


Content is the fuel for the social media engine, so you need a constant flow of well-crafted or well-curated content to keep things revved up! I can show you ways to quickly make or find it or I can do it for you.


Without consistency, there's no trust, and without trust there's no sale! Build a compelling presence for your brand that fans and customers can get to know, or hand the reigns over to me and I can do it for you!


Are you ready to step up your digital marketing efforts to get an exceptional return on investment? You'll need a few often overlooked parts in place first. I can work with you to get the results you want.

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Hello, I'm Christine Rice

Social Media & Digital Marketing Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

I work with busy solopreneurs and small business owners to grow their revenue with affordable, dynamic social media strategies and consistent, compelling content. With eight years and counting managing an e-commerce business and blog, and a head for both creative and analytical thinking, I know how to turn social media followers into paying customers. Find out more or get in touch with me to get started!

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