Let's build your online empire & fund your dreams!

Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies to Help You Earn More Online Without Sacrificing Your Creative Time & Freedom to Do What You Love Doing Most!

If you fail to set up your online marketing foundation before you begin your social media campaigns…

…you will lose dumpster trucks of time and money driving traffic to a website that flops at converting your prospects into paying customers…or enticing them to ever return again…


Hi, I’m Christine Rice, a passionate Social Media Consultant in Melbourne, and I care about the longer-term growth of your business beyond a single ad campaign or strategy session.

I believe that you deserve to have a business that will grow and fund your big dreams so that you can be free to do that thing you love best instead of wasting a lot of time, mental energy and cash trying to figure out social media and online marketing.


Before we run any ad campaigns or spend time on a social media strategy session, I want to be sure you know and understand what it takes to make social media work for your online business. And then we start empire-building!

How We Can Work Together


The first step is to say hello to each other! Fill out my email form and book a time for me to call you. We’ll jump on the phone for a free 15-minute consult where you’ll tell me what you need help with to build your dream empire. I’ll ask you a few questions about your business to see where I may be able to help you. There’s no charge; it’s just to find out if we are a good fit!


2 - Questionnaire

Once I have worked out how I can help you, I’ll start working with you by either preparing a Marketing Foundation Audit & Roadmap OR a Social Media Audit & Strategy. Which one you’ll require will depend on how much you have already done to build out your marketing foundation. Both services start with a brief email questionnaire about your marketing efforts so far so that I can begin to research and audit your business. . 


3 - Strategy Session

After I have completed the audit and research for you, we’ll schedule a 90-minute video chat to discuss what I found.  You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing efforts and where you should be putting your focus for the next step in your foundation. I’ll give you some tactical and strategic guidelines so that you can either confidently move forward on your own or hire me to help you along the way.