Ready for a new marketing plan that will grow your business from the very first step?

The Social Media Audit & Foundation Roadmap will teach you exactly what you need to have in place to make every minute and dollar you put into your marketing COUNT toward attracting, keeping, and growing your ideal audience from day one!

Don't make the same common mistakes most business owners make when they set up an online business and fail to set up a solid marketing foundation.

You know that there’s an easier way to market than wasting a lot of time and money trying to grab attention off the millions of tiny branches of every social media platform on the internet, but you don’t know where to start or what to focus on.

You’re just starting out and super busy, so you don’t have a lot of time or money to throw into marketing either, yet you know you cannot build a strong business on marketing efforts that only start when you’re able to give them your undivided attention and that stop when you have to work on other parts of your business.

There are faster, more effective ways to attract, keep, and grow an audience online, you’re certain, but you feel like you’re drowning in information on how to post on Facebook, hashtag on Instagram, or pin on Pinterest, and on and on until you want to throw your coffee on your keyboard and yell a lot of expletives.

And how would you even know a good method when you hear it in all the noise, anyway?

You just wish someone would cut through all the crap and tell you the minimal amount of effort you need to make for the maximum amount of marketing you want, right?

That’s what The Marketing Foundation Roadmap will do for you.

With The Marketing Foundation Roadmap, you’ll discover:

  • The proven 5-phase formula for effective online marketing
  • How to attract, keep, and grow your ideal audience
  • WHAT to focus on so your marketing is never a waste of effort or money
  • WHEN to focus on each of the 5-phases and how to organize your time marketing
  • The essentials to online marketing that you can master over time to create a rock-solid marketing foundation without sacrificing time doing what you love to do most!

Rather than let you just drown in yet more marketing information and send you off with a floor-dragging to-do list, I’m going to help you get started and make sure you’re not feeling overwhelmed.

That’s because, when you purchase The Marketing Foundation Audit & Roadmap, you also get my customised help with:

  • A complete audit of your total online presence so that you’ll know exactly how strong your current marketing foundation is now, how far you’ve already come, and what your next steps should be to strengthen it further.
  • My proven, 5-phase marketing template to build your marketing foundation step-by-step, in order, so you’ll know exactly what you need in each step–all based on YOUR specific business, industry and business goals!
  • Resources, tools, and software specifically recommended for your type of business and your personal style of working and goals.
  • A checklist and time table to help you build up your marketing foundation based on my recommendations and your time constraints, including my “Monthly Marketing Cycle of Activity” for you to follow once the foundation is complete and you’re ready to grow, grow, grow!
  • A 1-hour consulting call with me after I complete your Roadmap, so you can ask me any questions you may have and I can make sure you understand what you need to do, without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.
  • A 30-minute Follow-Up call at the halfway mark in your foundation building plan, based on the estimated amount of time you’ll need and have available to you to build what you need to build.

Yep, the truth is there IS a faster, more effective method for marketing, and it’s simply having a marketing foundation in place before you start!

While your competitors continue to make massive marketing fails, wasting their time and money online, you will skip ahead with everything in place to get growing from the get-go. You won’t waste time attracting the wrong kind of audience, lose opportunities to get the right audience coming back, or take ages to grow your business with constant stops and starts.

You’ll have a strong, consistent marketing foundation in place that will work for you in your sleep and help grow your business from the very first day you put it into place.

Better yet, it’s a foundation that allows you to grow with your business as you learn more advanced marketing tactics down the track–if you choose to–while not taking up too much of the time and mental capacity you have for marketing now.

You’re going to attract, keep, and grow your perfect audience on a daily basis and know exactly how to turn them into paying customers.

Invest in The Marketing Foundation Audit & Roadmap now for only $599.