Hi, I'm Christine Rice, Online Marketing Consultant, Writer, and Pet-Sitting Digital Nomad.

I help savvy, creative people like you get their online presence organized, build an audience, and earn more online so that they can transform their lives doing what they love!

You're creative, unconventional, and passionate about turning your dreams into your reality.

Freedom to be yourself, express yourself, and live how you want to live is what drives you.

You have a vision for what your life could be and you need to explore every avenue to make it possible–and it’s keeping you awake at night thinking about it.

But you just aren’t sure where to start or how to get there, and you have WAY too many ideas that you’re not so sure about!

I know what ideas you’ll need to toss and what ideas you’ll need to keep to get you to where you want to be. I can help you organize that overflowing creativity of yours into strategies and systems that will get you moving in the right direction.

If you’re ready to jump the employment ship, find your people, start or grow a business doing what you love, and earn more online, I can help.

I believe there's more than enough space and opportunity for everyone to make their mark and create a thriving online business, but I also know all the things that can get in the way of your success:


  • Fear of the unknown, of taking risks, and of going at it alone
  • Imposter syndrome and the fear of what other people will think
  • Having WAY too many ideas, over-studying, and not knowing which way is best!
  • Not knowing where to start, what to focus on, or when to focus on it
  • Distrust or discomfort with using social media and being in front of the public online
  • Fear of wasting time and money on things that have no guarantee of bringing the results you want
  • Discomfort with selling and tooting your own horn
  • Impatience, and those days when you just get OVER IT ALL. (And you go drink a whole bottle of wine, crying)

I faced all of these challenges myself to get to where I am today, so I know exactly how to overcome them all.

I know that sound, proven marketing strategies and fool-proof business systems help overcome overwhelm, imposter syndrome, impatience, and  other niggling fears we face in starting and growing an online business, so that is what I preach because it worked for me and it can work for you, too.  

My Ugly Duckling to Swan Story:

My journey to self-employment doing what I do today was a very long road of learning curves, failures and detours.

Like many people, I never knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up, but I did know I loved writing, travel, and making jewelry, so I trusted those interests to lead me forward. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Japanese at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, USA, with the intention of becoming an English teacher and living overseas in Japan, where, I imagined, I could live in solitude and write my first novel.

So, I found myself a year out of university living on the very small island of Shodoshima, Japan, in a seaside cabin by myself, employed as an English teacher at a local school. Yet, I found myself making jewelry more often than writing because earning a degree in literature had destroyed my ability to write the romance and fantasy novels I had always imagined I would write– I’d become too much of a literary snob!

One year later, I came to Australia for a cousin’s wedding. While crossing the Nullabor on a train from Perth to Melbourne, I read ‘What Color is Your Parachute?’ and came up with the idea to start my own business selling my handmade jewelry. At last! It had only taken MOST OF MY TWENTIES to finally decide on what I wanted to do with my life!

I quickly fell in love with Melbourne and made it my home (thanks to duel-citizenship through my Aussie mum, and one of her greatest regrets in life!). Sorry, mum!

Eight years later, my handmade jewelry business, Hexotica, had still not grown quite enough to support my lifestyle. Worst of all, being chained to my craft desk prevented me from being able to travel as much as I’d have liked, to visit my family in Atlanta, Georgia and take trips overseas. I learned much about social media and marketing over those years, but not enough to build the online empire and have the lifestyle freedom I desired. I found myself in a cycle of taking full-time jobs to recover from overseas trips, then quitting once I got my business income up again. This was how I spent most of my thirties.

Fast-forward to 2015, age 40, broken-hearted after yet another relationship break-down and laid off from yet another ‘recovery’ job where I had worked as a jewelry designer, e-commerce store manager, and social media manager.

It was a very dark period in my life where I was forced to some serious life-reckoning. When I asked myself what I *really* wanted in life, two things came to the forefront of my mind:

  1. My desire to write novels had always been to inspire, uplift, and transform others the way great stories had helped me transform. I needed my life to be about this. I felt it was a calling I could never ignore and knew that no other occupation would satisfy that desire. Ever. It was the missing piece in my life. 

2. Freedom was by far the ruling value of my life and of all my pursuits. I desired freedom in everything: freedom with how I earned my income, how I spent my time, where I lived and how often I could go where I wanted to go. I desired to be my own boss and be free to do as I pleased, always. To me, freedom is the greatest prize life has to offer. Running a craft business had taught me a lot, but I’d always known it was not the business I would end up with; I’d always known it was just a stepping stone to something greater down the road.

Then My Dream Became My Reality.

I ditched my long-held dreams of a handmade jewelry empire and focused on what I enjoyed doing that I knew would give me the freedom I truly wanted: an online business helping others transform their lives that allowed me to work from anywhere.

I took an online course to help me set-up a new business as a social media manager and put all I had learned over the years running my jewelry business and blogging to use helping other business owners.

Within four months I became self-employed, with my former boss becoming my first client. Within a year, I put all my belongings into a storage unit and became a pet-sitting digital nomad.

I can now work from anywhere around the world from a laptop, and I set my own working days and hours. I now have the freedom I have always aspired to have.

My Steep Learning Curve as a Social Media Manager

My first year of being a freelance social media manager was a whirlwind of work in which I learned that MOST online businesses fail to have the necessary parts in place to make their social media and digital marketing efforts pay off.

I worked with many clients who I now know needed a lot more than a social media manager–they needed a holistic digital marketing consultant who understood how all the parts work together and who could show them exactly what they needed to build, step-by-step, so that they never wasted any time or money. They also needed help in dealing with stress from overwhelm and not knowing where to begin, what to focus on, and when to focus on it.

The more business owners I worked with, the more I found what they required foremost was a solid marketing foundation. 

I began devising a marketing foundation strategy to teach small business owners what they need to have in place before social media marketing can work for them.

This evolved into my one main offer: The S.W.A.N. Transformation Marketing Strategy, a complete 90 day content creation system that, once completed, will set you off and running with a year (or more!) of highly unique, customised content. Best of all, it’s served in three ways: DIY for those who want to do it themselves, through my 12 week coaching program, or as a completely Done For You service which can launch straight into month to month management after the 90 day set-up,  creation, and launch period. 

A Simple & Effective Social Media & Digital Marketing Plan

I know that nobody has time for technical jargon, too much information, and a massive extension of their to-do list.

That’s why my SWAN Transformation Marketing Strategy covers only the most essential steps to building a solid digital marketing foundation with an easy-to-implement system so that you can get started right away, step-by-step without feeling overwhelmed along the way. 

And for those who have the right foundation in place, my Social Media Audit & Strategy is a simple, low-cost monthly marketing cycle of activities fully customized to your business with a focus on building your audience and effectively driving the RIGHT kind of traffic to your website. 

If you’d like to find out if you’ve got your marketing foundation in place or if you feel you’re ready to implement a comprehensive social media strategy, I invite you to book a free 15-minute call with me to tell me where you need help so we can find out together and get you to where you want to be! 



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