Even emojis will have a strategic purpose to help bring in results when you align your custom Social Media Audit & Strategy to your business goals!

A social media strategy is not just about driving traffic to a website, it's about creating ideal customers who are willing to buy from you--before they even arrive.

You’re not one to spin your wheels without seeing results, and you’re impatient to see some real traction with your social media marketing. You hate feeling like you’re just wasting your time commenting on Instagram photos or figuring out how to beat the algorithms with yet another great tip you’ve read about!

You want a simple, effective social media strategy that you or your team members can do with minimal effort for maximum results that you’ll know are always working for you–even when you are not working.

A professional social media strategy tailored to your business and your specific goals can do this for you.

Let me help you attract, keep, and grow your audience with a proven system that will make every post, every word, and every emoji count.

With the Social Media Audit & Strategy, you’ll discover:

  • A proven cycle of activities to effectively drive consistent traffic to your website
  • How to get followers to know, like, and trust your brand
  • Several methods to save heaps of time and get the most out of every minute
  • No-waste advertising strategies for even the most minimal budget
  • The edge you need to stand well above your specific competitors
  • TONS of creative ideas for strategic posts so that you’ll never not know what to post again!

But I’m not going to allow the amazingness of the strategy to stun you into inaction or exhaustion, rest assured!

That’s because, when you purchase the Social Media Audit & Strategy, I’m going to make it easy for you to follow and help you along the way by also giving you:

  • A complete audit of all your social media sites and current traffic flows so that you’ll get some insight into your strengths and weaknesses and know exactly how aligned everything is to the custom strategy and your end goals.
  • Resources, tools, and software specifically recommended for your type of business, the social platforms you’re using, and your personal style of working and goals.
  • Organizational templates to manage every single aspect of the strategy on a monthly cycle, including an editorial calendar, daily checklist, and end of the month data report.
  • A 1-hour consulting call with me after I complete your Strategy, so you can ask me any questions you may have, and I can make sure you understand what you need to do, without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.
  • A 30-minute Follow-Up call two weeks into your first monthly cycle, where I’ll review what you’ve posted online and give you some helpful tips to keep you on track.

At last, you’ll know exactly what to post and when, and you’ll know with certainty that every minute and dollar you spend on social media is a strong, confident step toward growing the audience and business that you want!

Invest in a professional Social Media Audit & Strategy with me today for $599.